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curses upon curses... i somehow got the klez worm thingie into my computer, and just spent my entire saturday evening wrestling with the thing. lucky for me lordrexfear gabbed at me the one second of lucidity i had and gave me a link to get a worm remover.

let us all hope and pray and sing to the powers that be, that everything involving that hideous thing is OUT of my computer with VERY minimal damage.

i don't understand how i got it, cuz i NEVER open anything from someone i don't know, and won't open any attachment jokes from the ones i DO know. *shrug* this, folks, is why i'm NOT a puter tech ;) i know that button turns it on, and clicking on the mouse is a good thing... kinda like how i know that turning the key in my car gives it power.. lol.. or like the advice that whats-his-face gave john cusack in 'better off dead': "go that way, really fast. if you see a tree, turn."

i'm tired. i can't type anymore, and can barely see. i'm goin to bed.

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