Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
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movie collections i would like to own and/or fill out my list of owning:

*kevin smith movies (i need mallrats, chasing amy, and jersey girl, i even have an evening with kevin smith)
*john cusack movies (this would take awhile, all i own is better off dead)
*kenneth branagh shakespearean movies (all i own is much ado about nothing, in which keanu reeves THANKFULLY has only a small part)
*mst3k buyables (i already own too many to list here, but there's so many i don't have. and what happened to my MITCHELL!? wakkaju wakkaju wakkaju)
*wonderful childhood nostalgic cartoons from my youth (i only own The Last Unicorn, so i desperately one day would like to own secret of nimh, watership down, and a few others..)
*mel brooks movies (this would take awhile, too, because all i own is Spaceballs)

any others i'm forgetting?

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