Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

motivation to play again...

andrea and i listening to dar williams:

andrea: you should learn to play this! we WOULD have singalongs then! everyone knows it! i know it! gwyn knows it! mom knows it! greg knows it!
aubrey: well, i had been telling your mom a long time ago that i would go over and sing and play for her.
andrea: OH MY GAW! SHE WOULD DIIIE! but in a good way! it would be ANTI DEATH!



well, i don't think my singing is THAT spectacular.... *blush* lol. i've been blessed with a good roommate, anxieties and all. because i don't get worked up about much AT ALL (with the exception with my Night of Anger, two nights ago), i think it's a good fit. it's almost what the base of sitcoms are written from: she's high strung and freaks out about EVERYTHING. stresses about EVERYTHING. i'm extremely passive, extremely laid back, hardly get excitable about much. sometimes, i think it's almost as if Bubbles (from PPG) and Lurch (from Addams fame) were living together. come to think of it, the height difference is about the same. *giggles to self*

anyhoo. I'M OFF TODAY! how shall i spend it? certainly not ... OUTSIDE! it's SUNNY! *cringes in horror*... i think i shall try to finally catch up on my friends list, and mebbe it's still Sliders and SG-1 monday? i shall have to see.

and sing. i must sing and play my guitar. i need that.

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