Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

weird dreams..

woke up this morning feeling as if i was hung over (though i only had one pumpkin beer last night...).

weird dreams, involving two main things:

- i wanted to flirt with someone SO BAD. every person that i went to flirt with, though, either wasn't interested, or they were just too busy to deal with me. (i'm wondering if this is my slight phase of wanting to get hooked up showing itself in my dreams...)

- george w. bush died. almost no one heard about it, so i had the pleasure of telling everyone. he had accidentally stabbed himself in the back of the neck with a letter opener. i was thinking that this was convenient, because it was so close to the elections, and no one would really want to vote for CHENEY, so... i remember making some kind of flag or material sign or something that loudly declared me as a democrat.

most everything took place outside on lush green grass and under beautiful emerald green trees. it also ended with a bunch of us trying to coordinate ourselves to go to work (myself and a few friends from phoenix), but we were having issues figuring out how to run the car and who was going to sit where.

jadisan came over last night, her, faetal and i went to Ice Cream Renaissance, where gwyn and i both had Wavering Indecisions (mine bland as hell and hers not so bland as hell, per request.), and Andi had coconutty chocolatey angel wings. we then came back, hopped in the hot tub and sauna, each drank a pumpkin beer... brosely came over, and he and i played eq in kurn's tower with ornotmajestic.

and there, folks, is my day off #1 in a nutshell. just add that i spent all day organizing my music on my computer and trying to figure out what in the WORLD on my c: drive is using almost all of the space. (after going through every single folder and also uninstalling any unneedable programs that had gotten there and reinstalling them on my 120 gig e: drive, i still barely have a gig of harddrive space left.)

and now this post is even boring me, so i shall stop it here: X
Tags: dreams

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