Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

it was actually COLD outside today.

i drove a different way to work, just so i could see how cold it really was.

it was 65 degrees.

lol - that was when i knew that i had lived in az too long, when i freeze at 65 degrees. lmao!

for those NOT living in arizona, temperature drops like THAT sends all of us desert dwellers urping and eeping like mice back into our holes to grab a sweater or jacket.

me? i'm too lazy. i just froze.

on another note, i'm teething. i woke up, feeling like someone punched me in the wisdom tooth (tee hee -that could be a new expression... someone crosses someone else, and they fwip around, shake their fists at them in fury, and yell "don't MAKE me punch you in the wisdom tooth, buddy!")

on yet another note, brosely will be here in about 36 hours. *dances with glee*

on a final note, i cannot type today. if i had a nickel for each time i've had to hit the backspace key, i'd be rich, indeed.
Tags: aubreyisms, weather

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