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Mary Kay, why?!?!?

I'm sitting here in a freaking business suit on my day off to go to a Mary Kay meeting.

why, you ask?

well, for one, i'm a pushover.

for another, I have a very aggressive Mary Kay consultant.

the two, combined, is what results in Aubrey sitting in a full blown business suit for the first time since i moved up here.

when she called the other day, asking if i would like to go to a meeting with her, i figured i'd humor her. maybe going and then telling her that it REALLY isn't my cup of tea, especially for someone who comes in contact only with disgruntled coworkers at officemax and a bunch of 23 year olds who are still enjoying partying more than responsibility (okay, for my couve friends, i'm not saying that you're lazy or that you aren't working towards bettering your future. i see a lot of you making some really wonderful life choices lately, and i give you a big honkin kudos for that. i'm just saying, basically, that the majority of the people i come in contact with have bigger priorities than getting a mary kay facial or buying overpriced sunscreen from me.) after i said that sure, i would go, i had nothing better to do this evening, she started talking about how mary kay uses the power of God to be all that God made you to be, etc. etc.


that left me wondering if i'm going to an avon like environment or going to a church meeting.

don't get me wrong. i believe in God. I wholeheartedly believe in Him. it's just that organized religion scares the crap out of me. i can't handle people telling me WHAT to believe, when i feel that belief is something that comes from within, not from without, being shoveled down your throat with a spikey spoon. (would that be a spork then?)

so Judy Consultant calls me yesterday to remind me about the meeting. she says that i can wear whatever i want, that i'm a guest, not a consultant, but to know that everyone else will be in business suits, skirts, pantyhose, and closed toed shoes.



i forgot i even HAD a blazer. granted, it doesn't fit me as sleekly as it used to, but i still think it makes me look pretty darn professional.

it also reminded me that i STILL haven't bought any dress close-toed shoes, or ANY dress shoes, for that matter, since i moved up here, and that what i own is STILL in phoenix.

anyhoo. Judy Consultant is en route, so i'm going to loiter in my front doorway so that she doesn't come to the door. i .. tried cooking, and the house smells funny.

tell me i sold out...
tell me i sold out, go ahead...

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