Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

sorry i haven't been around much lately! i've been... working. and my computer is being moody at best. have i missed anything? anything in my friends list that i should see that i had the unfortunate situation of missing?!?

rememeber my sandy eggo boys from days of yore? i'm talking for the people that have been on my friends list for something like three years. anyhoo, turns out one of them moved up here a bit ago, and lives about 2 hours away, so he's coming to visit today! i'm excited to have that little bit of 'home' here to visit whenever, to have that part of my phoenix relationships and lives back. i'm also nervous, because i have put on at LEAST 40 lbs since i saw him last. that's just me being silly, because i know he'll be my friend, if i'm 2 lbs, or 2k lbs. it's just an ego thing, really.

had distorted dreams last night involving caramon, tasslehoff, and kevin griffin. *scritches head* that's what i get for reading before i go to sleep.

and vh1 classic either needs to play something a little more upbeat, or i'm SO changing the channel.

also i know i can rely on all of you to let me know how the vice presidential debate goes tonight, seeing as since i'll be entertaining a friend i haven't seen in two years, i won't bore him with watching it. we'll be too busy watching "commander" zim, and dinking on everquest, xenosaga, and guitars.

and how exactly do i drink out of a glass again? i apparantly forgot, as i took a drink of soda and spilled it right down the front of my shirt. i'm now sticky.

and in watching the Goonies as an adult, you realize how HORRIBLE the story line and the acting is, but eGADS, it will always be something special to me because, as andrea put it, the whole generational... thing.

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