Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

i'm gonna explode! that happens to me sometimes...

i so hate that part of the morning, when you're sick, where you're lying in bed, debating whether or not to call in. especially if you work at 8 am, and thusly need to call in when the crew gets there at 4 am, no later than 5.

you lay there, staring at the ceiling, going over pros and cons, all the while, trying to overly feel the nodules in your nostrils and throat, mentally prodding them to see what kind of hell they would put you through if you DO choose to call in. they'll be short handed. i'm the customer service desk person, which means that i have to open the store, cashierly speaking. i called in yesterday. today is payday, so i wouldn't get my check until sunday (i have tomorrow off, too) that will be two days i don't get paid for. but waitaminute. i have 3 sick leave days left, i can use one for one of the days and eat the other, and still get a decent paycheck and not short me for paid leave later on. the managers that i cried to last payday when my check was shorted knows that i desperately need my check, so why would i call in sick on payday? they must KNOW i'm sick. i would have a 3 day weekend, go back on sunday, then have monday/tuesday off.

i can't remember what the deciding factor had happened to be, but suddenly, i was on my stomach, dialing work. Coworker Bobby answered. "um, who's management?" "we have rick and steve." "GIMMESTEEEVE" *holds while billy joel is blasting in her ear* "hello, this is Steve." "*croak* hey, this is aubrey." "*chuckle*" "i'm still sick." he laughed and teased me, about how i must SO be faking it, yeah, sure, *kaffkaff* i'm so sick boss! oh, it's payday? i didn't KNOOOW! oh, and you're our opening cashier, too? greeeeeeeeat", all in his trademark Leave it to Beaver voice.

i got off the phone, not knowing if he was genuinely sad that i was sick, or if that tingling in my ear was all the sarcasm that had oozed through the earpiece.

in related news: i made it through almost an entire roll of toilet paper yesterday, with all my nose blowing.

when i laugh, it sounds like geese honking.

hrm. final fantasy 8 today again? or everquest? decisions, decisions...

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