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egads. is it just me, or is Bush being highly disrespectful of the mediator and the people asking the questions by running over them and interrupting them? i also admire kerry's ability to state things calmly, for the most part, where bush, by the time he finishes a thought, his voice has gone up an octave and becomes more of a whine than a statement. the only thing he needs to do to make himself look like more of a monkey, imho, is to jump up and down and hoot as he scratches his armpits and flings poo at the audience.

i never thought i would ever find myself sitting here, and outright laughing at a political debate. it's so anti aubrey.

but it's hilarious.

edit: if i hadn't been a kerry supporter before tonight, hearing his abortion view would have so won me over. i want to hug him.

edit #2: i could hardly contain myself when bush turned to the mediator and asked him if he would like wood. rawk. and i think i'm going to hold out for a car until i can get one of them thar hydrogen powered cars he was talking about. and drive in it with your green shaded glasses. or whatever he said.

i'm now listening to people calling in regarding their opinion, and it's filled with people with slow southern drawls saying that kerry just has these IDEAS, and that bush has proven himself time and time again, and we've already seen what he can do, that he follows through with promises.


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