Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

other things from last night that i forgot to post in my earlier post...

i've been to a many a house party since i've been here. in fact, it seems to be the regular form of recreation around these here parts, instead of going out to a bar. never. EVER. had i ever been to a house party where politics were discussed so avidly.

i came in from watching a poi dancer and a juggler outside and walked past a group of people. i heard "i HATE that fucking retard." i stopped and said "who, george bush?" he grinned and said "fuck, yeah." there were random three cheers for Kerry. it was odd. a few people (including the possibly only bush supporter at the party) were angry about discussing politics at a party.

there was also a long discussion about... well, let me tell you a story. my roommate and brother work at mcdonalds. they currently have happy meal toys: hello kitty for girls, and g.i. joe for boys. when running the drive through, someone ordered a happy meal. andrea says "would you like a Hello Kitty, or a G.I. Jew? er, joe." laughter has ensued for days over this, though mainly only between a few of us. statements such as "he hangs out with Optimus Prime!" and "he fights evil with his semi-automatic menorah!" and "he throws Ninja Stars of David!" and "do you think he wears a yamika over his helmet?" and "he rides a hydroplane dreidal!" we gaffawed over this for awhile last night, though when we tried to tell people WHY we were laughing, no one would get it.


i'm cold.
Tags: g.i. jew, politics

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