Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

and the hypnogerms make me say 'i'm a basketball!'

Dear Uterus;

*knock knock* are you okay down there? why are you not bleeding? usually by now, your lips will be spewing forth more blood than Gene Simmons in concert. i've been preparing for you to do so. you should have been finished throwing up your monthly lining build up by now, yet i haven't heard a peep from you. is everything okay?

let me know. if i'm not at home, give a message with the roommate, or leave a message after the tone.

Thank you.

- Aubrey


i accomplished SQUAT on my day off. and no, i do not mean, that crouching stance one takes while going in the woods. wrong squat. i mean zero. zilch. nada. andrea and i sat around, drooling from the sides of our mouths from boredom. i watched Matrix: Revolution. i watched part of Aliens: Resurrection. we watched The Princess Bride. i did cross stitch. we worked out on her health rider. we complained of boredom.

finally, we got off our arses and went to Peking Garden for greasy chinese quisine with her mother, and giggled and pointed at the engrish in the menus (barbecue pork! it's Every Body's Favorite! "i know MY body likes it!" ...complete with miced celery. "squeak. squeak." Spring Roll: the appetizer commonly known to people as "egg". "sweety, what would you like for breakfast? scrambled spring rolls and bacon, please."), then off to Ice Cream Renaissance, where i drowned whatever was left of my stomach area in a Wavering Indecision, which came out looking like a butterfly, complete with scoops of mango, chocolate, lemon, strawberry, coffee, and cheesecake ice cream.

came home. watched Kate and Leopold. watched what happened to be thee. weirdest. aqua teen hunger force episode EVAR. went to bed. still reading the war of the twins. yes, i'm slow at reading lately.

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