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cha cha cha changes... for da weekend!

hooray for complete lj icon overhauls! although i've had a paid account for a bit now (thanks again!), i haven't gotten around to uploading a WHOLE 15. egads. that's almost too many. but i tried to upload a bunch of them that display different emotions. umyeah. and then ganked the kerry/edwards baby faced picture to sport for a couple of weeks as my default. also, um. some of them i've had sitting around so long in my file folder that i have no idea where a lot of them came from, if i saved them for use or just cuz i thought they were cool, so i'm sorry if i ganked some of them from someone...


I'M GOING TO SEE SLEATER-KINNEY THIS WEEKEND! woot! well. i haven't become a die hard fan yet, much like faetal is, but i'm very excited just the same. i haven't been to a live show since... since... *thinks and scritches head* since brosely came to visit me in phoenix and we went to see a very tired Better Than Ezra (it had been a day after Kevin Griffin's Bday, so i'm sure that their celebratory actions the night before had made their show a bit less than.... as nonstop exciting as all their other shows had been. almost zero onstage antics that time), which had been october TWO YEARS ago. egads. i so need to change that.

also... I MAY BE GETTING A TRUCK! as my coworker said 'it's an old tiny beaner truck.' and there's some debate as to whether it a) runs, but needs a $60 piece to pass emitions, or if b) it's a lawn ornament. either way, it's a truck, which i wanted, and is only $200, which is in my budget. egads. for two hunnerd bucks, i might as well get SOMETHING i can be working on to get it running, instead of nothing.

now, just to talk my roommate and fiancee into driving/coming with me to check it out. i'm an idiot when it comes to automobiles.

i love waking up to coffee.

love, excitement, i'm excited!
love, excitement, i'm excited!

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