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waking up inside a river and sweat and....

i woke up this morning, drowning in eye makeup and snot, and reeking of bar smoke.

i came home from work, my brother said it's dollar night at Boxxes, which is a gay club. he begs and pleads that since i don't have to work today, to go out. so finally, andrea and i agree. out of boredom, we dress up like "witches", her in a velvet tank top, skirt, purple and black striped pantyhose, and GIGANTIC heels, me in an EXTREMELY low cut velvet lacey number with flowing sleeves, long black skirt, dr. martens...

so jess, andrea, scott (jess's roommate), miranda and meself all head to portland, after downing a few beers at the speed of light (all cept miranda, cuz she's driving). i danced and danced and danced... egads, i haven't been dancing since WAY long before i left phoenix! i get to meet my brother's newest love interest, daniel (a total nerd, i loved him.)

we then walked up to Silverado, which is a gay strip club. i go to the bathroom and have this weird bonding moment with a gigantically buff gay firefighter (he randomly offered to protect my door so no one would walk in, then said i could repay him by helping to vote Bush out of the office, we talked, we hugged, we pissed a lot of people off that were waiting for the toilet...), whom i never saw again after leaving the bathroom.

watched andrea's reaction to male strippers, since she's never seen one before. eGADS, she was uncontrollable! instantly, her hand flies into her purse and she starts frantically searching for dollar bills with a panicked look on her face.... it was hilarious. i had found scott's $80 on the floor that he had dropped, so he gave me a dollar to play with... my brother told me to stuff it in my cleavage and point to it... after he took it, i giggled and pointed at my boobs and screamed "OH MAH GAW, I HAVE STRIPPER SPIT ON MY BOOOBS!"

and that's when i notice the Indian guy trying to hold andrea's hand. in our drunkenness, we kissed to get a reaction... she left, he started talking to me.... now. for those that don't know me or have never come out with me, i almost never play the goofy flirty girl. so, naturally, i was standing there, trying to have an intelligent conversation with the guy. he says "wow, that was HOT..... you know... i always wanted to see something like that.... i would even.. be willing to PAY... for something like that.... say.... a hundred dollars?" i laugh at him, my brother rescues me, and he follows me around for the remainder of the evening, saying "i'm SERIOUS."

so we came home, got Jack in the Box, i went to bed at almost 4 am, and woke up at 730.

something tells me i'll be going back to bed soon.

egads, i haven't been out and drinking at an actual bar in FOREVER. amazing how life changes.

i thought i had something to add here. maybe i'll remember.

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