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last night, i went and saw The Gossip and All Girl Summer Fun Band open up for Sleater-Kinney.

great fun times were had.

egads, i've missed live shows. we vowed to start going to see a lot more local talent. yes, bikko, i would like to start with you ;). since i don't have a car, i'm still at the mercy for whomever wants to drive to portland, isn't scared TO drive in portland, and has the night free, and feels like going out.

but soon. someday soon.

AGSFB started out, at first taste, their music reminded me of... well... sort of an old 60's style beach band meets riot grrl music. harmonies, fun upbeat, uh.. beats. the drummer was freaking PHENOMENAL. holy crap. i told andrea i could watch her all night. seeing her play made me want to grow up to be a rock star all over again. i will SO go see them again.

next was The Gossip. i had figured that it would end up being another white stripes sort of band, as it ended up being a guy on guitar and a girl on drums. then a tiny little girl comes out and meekly says hello.

that was the ONLY thing she did meekly. holy CRAP, does that woman have a voice!!! fun, interesting things done with the guitar. i would SO go see them again.

then was Sleater-Kinney, who i had heard grandoise things from the roommate on. two girls on guitar, and a girl drummer.

FAN FREAKING TASTIC. fun. energetic. i had tried getting into their music prior to the show, but their voices grated on the nerves.

after seeing them live? yeah. i'm a believer. i would SO go see them again.

and i so don't feel like working today. but tomorrow off! woot!


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Oct. 23rd, 2004 07:19 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad to hear you say that about sleater-kinney. The first bit, about not really getting it when you hear it recorded. I practically get shot for saying that sleater-kinney isn't the end all be all of rock.

they ain't.

But the AGSFB is FABULOUS. mmm. yummy. Where was the show, anyhow? I'm glad you had a good time.
Oct. 23rd, 2004 09:35 pm (UTC)
it was at Noctournal, a tiny little venue on Burnside and 18th I belive.
no backstage, all the artists just fought through the crowd to get to the stage.
Oct. 25th, 2004 04:39 pm (UTC)
i guess that since i come from the traditional "guitar. bass. drums." type of band, it's weird to see music that i adore that don't go by that Holy Trinity of Music.

yes, i loved AGSFB. i hope to see them again. the gossip was good, too, but i guess i was a tad overwhelmed by them, as they seemed almost.. aggressive. (well, the lead singer, anyway) the guitarist was amazing though.
Oct. 23rd, 2004 09:44 pm (UTC)
i saw AGSFB once and wasn't very impressed. a lot of people around here seem to like them tho. i generally don't seem to like what everyone else is in to for some reason. apparently my taste is completely opposite.
i've seen the gossip a few times and they had to grow on me. by the last time i saw them i thought they were fun. i wouldn't own anything by them or go out of my way to see them but if i did see them i wouldn't hate it.
Oct. 25th, 2004 04:41 pm (UTC)
yeah, that was one thing that i thought about the show, that it seemed almost a tad rusty, as if they hadn't been playing together for very long, including a BIG downtime where the drummer had broken her bass drum and they were bringing in the drummer from sleater-kinney's drums to replace it, and instead of doing something to keep us all entertained, they turned their back on the crowd and watched them set up. other than that, i hearted them fine, their actual music that i've heard from their website sounds more like what i listen to than some of the other stuff.
Oct. 28th, 2004 12:13 am (UTC)
it was quite a while ago when i saw them but to me they came off as one of those "we're just girls" bands. "we're not very good, but we're kinda clever and cute, dontcha think?" not going as far as a gimmick band, but close.
Jun. 6th, 2005 08:44 pm (UTC)
their website is nifty, though. my roommate downloaded a ton of their songs, so we're constantly listening to them because of that.

i wish sometimes that it wasn't such a big deal to go ALL THE WAY to portland (hee hee) to go see shows. i miss going to live shows all the time and checking out the local talent.

not enough to move to portland for greater ease, but still...
Oct. 24th, 2004 04:38 am (UTC)
links provided to bands you saw = awesome.

i'd like to see sleater kinney some time, i wonder if they play any other NW shows
Oct. 24th, 2004 05:12 pm (UTC)
they dont have any planned as far as i know
Oct. 24th, 2004 11:03 pm (UTC)
Oct. 25th, 2004 04:44 pm (UTC)
i'm sure that they will someday soon :) it's definitely a worth-see, ESPECIALLY if you can get one that isn't all ages.

lots of lesbians running around.
Oct. 24th, 2004 10:26 pm (UTC)
woohoo, come see my band!
Oct. 25th, 2004 04:46 pm (UTC)
it's definitely in my plans, just don't know when i can, seeing as i have to coordinate an evening where the roommate wants to go out, we have money, no one has to work the next day...

but i just may be showing up at a venue near you ;)
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