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although everyone is probably sick of hearing about it, my 2 cents about the election, and then some

yesterday was the most stressful day of my life.

or so it felt.

faetal and i spent the evening stressing out and yelling at the t.v., which eventually ended in us going and getting cheap beer and chocolate, then sitting and doing more of the same, only slightly less agitated.

i'm... virtually speachless.

and utterly, utterly disappointed in the country.

sort of melodramatic, i know, but that's how i feel.

in other news.. dyed the purple out of my hair last night for work this morning, instead of turning back to auburn, it turned MASSIVELY CLOWN ORANGE. wow, is it bright. amazing how a little thing like... oh... bleaching your hair before you color it can really make a difference *wince*.

in other other news, we have thee most codependant kitten EVAR. holy frejoles. she has to be on us AT ALL TIMES. she slept on my hip all evening. when i woke up, she spent the entire morning FREAKING OUT because i couldn't hold her and do my contacts at the same time.

nothing says lovin like a kitten jumping up on your legs... when you're wearing nothing but a tank top and underwear.

and you would think she was a siamese instead of a calico, she's SO verbal. yes, you're cute. now put a sock in it. schnookums.

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