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i'm looking for a community where the government is discussed in an intellectual, not necessarily biased, point of view. i want to have a place to discuss and learn about the way things work, about what i can do as a united states citizen in order to change things, in order to help things get better.

any suggestions?

another day off. i was so convinced that THIS would be THEE DAY OFF where i would wake up with sparkly teeth and a cheeky smile like mary poppins, and accomplish everything there was to accomplish: the guitar needs to be played. the house needs to be cleaned. the laundry needs to be done. the cat needs to be petted.

instead, i find myself sitting here still in my pajamas at 130 in the afternoon, practically drooling down my chin with inactivity.

must have been mid afternoon
i could tell by how far the child's shadow stretched out...

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