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we love our kitten very much. don't get me wrong. but besides our love for our little Bacci, my roommate and i have discovered yet another massive emotion regarding our little fluffy foo foo:


we are becoming afraid of our kitten. why, you ask?

well, let me give you an example of something that just happened. i'm sitting in the chair, saving the world (in playing dress up - ff x-2). Bacci is laying on my shoulder and just hanging out.

suddenly, she turns to me and ATTACKS my face. out of the blue. half sleeping one second, vicious wild animal the next. i feel her claw stick into my lower lip. i grab her with my right hand to plunk her on the ground. she viciously attacks it, too, and digs all her claws into my ARM as i'm trying to sit her down on the floor, holding on for dear life. i scream and my light plunking turns into a fight or flight sort of thing: i immediately want to fling the cause of my hurt as far from me as possible.

no, i did not throw the cat across the room. but i almost did.

e freaking GADS. this is becoming a daily ritual. she goes from loving to total offense at the drop of a hat. i have various cuts all over my legs, hands, arms, FACE from her doing this. is it because she had been a wild kitty before we adopted her? would spaying the HELL out of her help? possibly completely removing her LIMBS?!? we could put her on a little wheely cart and pull her everywhere! yesssss!

i'm very much a cat person. very very much. but e freaking GADS, i can't handle the SATANIC WHIMS of the little demon waif we've adopted much longer. it's not even that we play with her with our hands or anything - something i've always been adamant about not getting them in the habit of. every single cut and scrape all over me is the direct result of her viciously attacking me as i reach down to pet her, as i try to get her off my lap, as i try to feed her, as i try to get up off the chair.

i think i'm going to go peroxide my wounds now. they're swelling up quite nicely.

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