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love me, hate me, make me live again... i need you around...

can't think of anything interesting to write about recently that doesn't involve screaming at the cat, bleeding because of the cat, or listening to andrea threatening the cat. oh, and she's pregnant. which, i spose IS something to write about. i'm excited for her, now that the initial denial is leaving.

still fighting the pneumonia. i seriously thought i was going to pass out from lack of air + chest pain yesterday at work, with a healthy mix of THE WORST CRAMPS EVAR, but i had to keep shoving on - it was only Igor and i, ALL. FREAKING. DAY. we were so slammed and short handed that the manager held an interview... and put her to work instantly. although quite blunt about a lot of things, it seems that angelique will fit in quite nicely. she IS an avid kerry supporter, after all. well, WAS. still is. whatever. she's of the same mind as i am - that things in the government need to change, and to do so, we need to educate ourselves and others and take a stand. all that jazz.

i can't shake the feeling that something massive is missing from my life, like there's a miniature gaping hole.

jess and i are getting together this weekend (says i) to brainstorm - apparantly, he and i are cooking thanksgiving and taking it to mom's. possibly on the bus? that would be entertaining. "um, ma'am, could you move the turkey pan so i may have a seat?" rachael ray is giving me ideas as to what to cook. mmmm.

im in the mood today to do nothing but listen to better than ezra and goo goo dolls with a splash of letters to cleo and sing along loudly, doing everything i can to feel, to become every note.

yes, i'm in a weird mood.

don't fear,
even though you're at a loss
i'm numb,
a shell of empty thoughts
but you glow,
you stretch and pull me out
does that trouble you?
do i trouble you?

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