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i've got tumorsyphallitisosis! (sounds.. SEXAY!)

I giggled as andrea tells my brother that i didn't find the quote "roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and you eat like you got two buttholes" (or whatever it was) very funny. she said he was surprised, and then they had a half hour discussion about how no one can really get my full attention. EVAR.

me: hee hee
andrea: if everquest is on...
me: or the internet is on...
andrea: or a bird 20 miles away makes a noise in a tree...

it's true. my attention span is that of a hummingbird with ADD. especially when shiny or moving objects are in sight.

it's troo.

it's officially hit that time of night where the cat goes INSAAANE.

part of me is worried that Tony and I are going to get into trouble because we closed the cash office this evening and everything was fubar'ed. it said the safe was short $3000. it said my till was short $10. we found random twenties paperclipped together in the safe, and we closed the day missing.. oh... EIGHT HUNDRED AND SEVENTY dollars in checks. we made sure to make lots of notes and initial off on everything TOGETHER.

he told me that i was about the only person that he trusts in there, and that made me happy.

but now i must go to bed, since i have to open. blargh.

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