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bored bored bored, and very uninspired + unmotivated = MEME-AGE! from silverwraith...

My journal name is: now, is Sobered Blind, from Better Than Ezra's song "New Kind of Low (b)". up until yesterday or so, was Coulraphobic Claudia, Coulraphobia, of course, being a massive fear of clowns. i hate clowns. they give me nightmares. especially when they sweat and their makeup smears and runs down their faces and necks, as if their features themselves are melting *violent shudder*
My journal title is: Laughed Loud when you found i was devoured, from the same song. up until a day or two ago, was A Loveatarian's Story (especially in the form of puppies), which was, of course, a reference to Jellyfish's "Sabrina, Paste, and Plato".
My subtitle is: erm, uh, see above.
My friends-page is called: My Baybeeees, because i love you all greatly, you're my babies, you listen to me gripe, allow me to vent, and are wonderful support in anything that i do or go through. you are my sanctuary, and i can't thank you enough.
My username is: Aubkabob, a nickname my friend Payton gave to me. i came out of work one day and found "hullo, Aubkabob!" written on the dust on my back window, and have clutched onto the nickname ever since.
My default icon is: Dib from Invader Zim, ganked from some random website (which i am so good at doing)... I believe it was from the very first episode of Zim ever, where he overhears the Irken invaders saying that they're sending Zim to earth to take over (or, well, making zim believe that he is....) seemed like my favorite icon that doesn't exude any particular emotion, and, therefore, i feel is good as a default. he could be deep in thought. he could be playing 'name that tune'. he could be wondering if he left the stove on. he could be contemplating why his right hand is sticky. ya just don't know.

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