Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

hooray for scanners!

it so rawks having a scanner/printer. i can't even begin to tell you.

thusly, i've been able to scan some of my childhood/teenage photos:

this one's back when raisin and i would play "band" and other random games as our mothers were hanging out in the living room and smoking armloads of pot.. yes. i AM playing a Shawn Cassidy guitar. wanna make something of it? huh? PUNK?!?

while going to job corps for business occupations in st. paul, minnesota, i got a wild hair up my derrier and decided to hack off my long, curly red hair and dye it black. i had officially transitioned from my rocker stage into what i termed my mini goth phase. unfortunately, i had to dress professional all the time, which put a damper on my 'image'.

this one's pnwheelpop and holdyerfire! tee hee hee. i'm sure you two wouldn't need the names on the poster in order to name the 4 bands by sight. and that's why i heart you so.

unfortunately, when i first had to start wearing glasses, i my disillusioned mind thought that mayhaps, should i get the biggest ones with the palest frames i could find that it would be less noticeable that i was wearing glasses. um, no. and let's not discuss the bright orange lipstick. i was, uh... drunk or something. *whistles and shuffles feet as she avoids eye contact*

it's awww time! this is, of course, brosely at age 1 and myself at age 6 1/2 ish, i believe. heartbreakers, indeed.

there was actually a sister pic that went along with this little gem, but i couldn't get it to scan well enough. maybe after i'm more learn-ed in tweaking such things. but in the meantime, i give you OPTIMISTIC JESSIE!

and here's a pic of me, my acne, my permed hair, and my Valentines Date.

oh yes, and lots of pictures of kittens over the years :)

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