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i was curious, as i get occasionally, as to what i was up to a year ago.. two years ago... three years ago...

thanks to the wonderful invention of livejournal, I CAN TAKE YOU THERE!

the only post on thanksgiving last year was this one here. not very holidayish, but certainly involving the family.

i found the 2002 Thanksgiving very prophetic, in a way. well, not the first post, because i'm certainly not married yet (that i know of... hm...), but the second one... and here i am, 2 years later, hosting Thanksgiving at my very own pad for the two of them to come over. *looks around* okay, well, granted, the place is THRASHED and there probably isn't a clean dish in the house and i'm probably the only one out of all of them that is actually awake, but it's-a-happenin!

and from the day before...

nothing from the year before that, it was during my aubreystar days, and work was crunching down on internet use, so there's a couple of posts at the beginning of november after one of my legendary halloween cruises while i was in sandy eggo, and then not another one until december 6th, when i posted about my sinus surgery (which i'm sure you have all read a trillion times by now, if you've missed it or are dying to read the gory bloody details again, lemme know...)

i'm bored, yet unmotivated. i should really drink more coffee.

ooh, and guess who got what last night!???

Alberto, Yancey, and Aubrey got EMPLOYEES OF THE MONTHS for the last three months!

go us. it's good to know that it's not just me that feels that i'm working my ass off lately.

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