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so it's now 1 am and i just ... REPEAT: JUST... got home from work. the store manager was oh so kind to call us 2 hours before closing - from the comfort of his home (hee, i almost typed 'your home' - now wouldn't THAT make ya paranoid? hee hee.) to inform us "oh yeah. by the way, the VP is going to be in tomorrow, so i expect the BEST CLOSE EVAR. or else." everyone had to leave, so i ended up sticking around with poor Manager Roxana to super clean everything.

way to delegate, Mr. Man.

but it's my friday. AND NOW MY BROTHER'S BIRTHDAY! WOOO! everyone race over and wish brosely a happy one! go on! i'll wait right here while you do so...

.... doo de dooo.....

as i immediately have heart failure and almost scream because the cat attacked my fingers from between the desk top and keyboard tray. all i saw was something move out of the corner of my eyes and felt something tap my fingers. *violent shudder*

oh, and want to know something else JUSHT SHUPER? remember AssWhore Lady from yesterday? she called the district office, and the d.m. gave her HER FREAKING MONEY. she wouldn't listen to our side of the story at ALL, and in fact called and talked to a manager that wasn't there during the whole *waves arms emphatically* ordeal. ryan and i were so.... GRAH! i can't even BEGIN to describe how.. GRAH.. i felt. *fumefumefumefume*

not to mention i can't really see very well. it feels like someone licked my eyeballs, my contacts have been in so long.

i heard Bacci chomping on something earlier, before i went to work. i wanted to see what in the world she was eating in my bedroom.... and discovered a string hanging out of her mouth.

now. i think "silly kitty!" and pull...... and pull.... and pull.... and pull.... all the while, Bacci is starting to squirm and GAG as i'm pulling a gigantic long piece of string that she had been swallowing inch by inch. maybe it's a good thing i'm not mating at the moment. if i can't keep a kitten from sucking up random string like a long piece of spaghetti, what in the WORLD would i do with an infant?!? i'd be one of those parents that spaced them off and left them locked in the car on the hottest day of the year, for sure.

anyhoo. i'm so tired now that my stewp? stoup? when a soup and a stew love each other very much, boys and girls... this is what it is. stewp.

anyhoo. i'm so tired now that my stewp hath hit my stomach (along with some scrumptious roast beast that faetal made...), that i simply MUST go to bed.

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