Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

there is nothing but a mixed tape left behind, and it won't rewind...

okay, so about 3 hours sleep last night, 3 hours sleep the night before.


i had SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun last night. Cowboy Mouth opened, I had heard OF them, and i recognized a couple of songs during their sets, but they could have been covers as likely as not *shrug*.. SO much energy. out of all the times i've seen ezra live (i think this was my 5th?), they by far blew every other band out of the water that had opened for them. during the last song, Travis (ezra drummer) came up and helped to pound the skins for that extra added luscious effect ;) it's been FOREVER since i've seen a drummer (fred i think his name was?)/ lead singer. he drummed like a maniac, and still had almost an operatic quality to his voice.

so, on to ezra. :) by this point, brosely, rich, and i had both consumed several quanties of beer (it's only about $100 a flimsy disposable glass, you know). they seemed tired (hell, they've been on the road supporting Closer since August of LAST year), so they weren't up to their normal 'antics and shenanegans', i.e. sticking a little cover tune in the middle of most of their songs, having dance contests, or pulling anyone up on the stage to play "this time of year" (having learned geetar since i saw them last, i was all positioned to jump up and down like a freak to get chosen, but, alas...), but they were wonderful nevertheless... we celebrated kevin's 34th birthday... they left a lot of songs out that they had played in every other show i've seen, i.e. 'rosalia' and 'that time of year', but they played stuff i had never seen live before, like 'beautiful mistake' and 'rollin'. Drummer Fred came up to do a duet with "r3wind" and to drum for the final final song (not the pretend ending one they do before 'shocking the hell outta us' by coming back onstage for a finale, every single show).. was the last song 'in the blood'? i can't remember. i just remember standing next to this older blonde chick that nudged me everytime kevin did something 'cute'. *shrug*

the most hilarious part of the night tho, was when i was standing next to my seat watching cowboy mouth, and glanced over my shoulder and busted a guy behind me, reaching forward for some of my popcorn (can't get staple food better than beer and popcorn, i always say), then popping a few kernels in his mouth and leaning back, a finger over his mouth saying 'sshhhhh.' i died laughing, told my brother, who turned around and looked at the guy, who jokingly covered his face in shame.... his girliefriend apologized between sets, saying 'he's from new jersey, and doesn't know anybetter'. at least, the guy was cute-ish, instead of a drooling quasimoto :) i told him it was aiiight, as long as he could promise me he washed his hands in the bathroom last.
Tags: concert, ezra, music

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