Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, hurricane_amy and uncouther!!!

so sleepy.

and so antisocial. sorry. maybe i'll get better in the new year. course, i always say that. life is stressful, but then, it's stressful for everyone.

but in the meantime, i'm SLEEPEEEE.

finally finished spending my Christmas present from my daddy, on an mp3 player. although it's not an iPod (dun dun dunnn) i'm excited. sure beats making mixed cd after cd.

ooh, which reminds me, i wanted to make one for Pattie. good thing it seems like she's not coming over to exchange gifts tonight. hee.

vh1 classic is my new best friend.

ornotmajestic is coming up this weekend! after YEARS of being friends online, we FINALLY freaking get to meet. i'm excited, yet nervous.

anyhoo. for now? dookie then bed.

have i mentioned before how my biggest musical pet peeve on the face of the PLANET is repetitive choruses, i.e. how some musicians can't put in anything interesting, so they repeat the chorus about 8 times at the end of the song.

hee hee. they're playing a Ted Nugent video. Reminds me of the ATHF ep i saw recently with him wearing a racoon as underwear. he really does have beady little eyes.

i'm rambling. really going to bed now.

you've got your private wars just like a million other wars
that keep you and i from getting where we both belong...
...both belong..

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