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A Letter to the New Year

Dearest 2005;

Heh heh. you sneaky little beast! if the first... WEEK.. of the year is any inclination as to how the rest of the year is going to go, i have to say this:

Let me off now. I think i've gotten on the wrong bus, and instead of enjoying a brand new year with new possibilities, i've had nothing but massive stress after massive stress.

the first little incident being mother in the hospital for congestive heart failure in her left side of her heart. okay, touche. i guess mom needed a wake up call in order to realize that she desperately needs to change her lifestyle, and she really DOESN'T want to die. i can SORT of understand how that could replicate the concept of a new beginning.

blood sugar problems coming back with a vengeance? hee hee yeah, i spose that i've been eating like an idiot for the last few years, not like an intellectual human bee-in who has diabetes running rampant in her family. i've been complaining about being a fat monster, and this would DEFINITELY be a way for me to not only get my weight back under control, but to also feel SO freaking much better. part of me even THANKS you for it.

discovering someone made supervisor instead of me? meh. not that i overly was pushing for it or anything, though i DO feel i'm a good worker. with everything else going on, i SO don't need the extra stress.

but now my freaking FATHER is in the hospital? okay, not MY father, but the man who married my mother when i was two, who also happens to be brosely's father. when i found out, when andrea called me at work to let me know that he had been sent in for a... what was it.. swollen pancreas?!?!? yeah. i got extremely sad. i was on the verge of tears.

but then i laughed. i laffed and i laffed. i thought it was seriously a joke, my mother finally getting out of the hospital, only to have my father go right in for a visit.

and then the anger set in. i'm just angry right now. AAAANGRRYYYY. you were supposed to be a year of joy, of new beginnings, of ideals and dreams come to life. so far, you've been an utter disappointment, and a complete freaking stress.

methinks i'll send my real father an email to make sure that HE isnt set for some random hospital stay soonly, unless you happen to get your evil claws on him AFTER Ray gets out.

in the meantime.... i need a drink. *sip*

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