Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

so, i'm lying in bed this morning, having just hit my sleeper alarm in hopes of catching a bit more shut eye before clamboring off to work yet again. i suddenly hear music as if coming through the neighbors' wall, or as if it were being listened to outside. i hear "wooooah, woah! woooooah, woah!" then slightly higher "wooooah, woah! wooooaah, woah!" then in my half sleep, i could swear i hear it in harmony "woooah, woah! wooooah, woah!" so i hold my breath to see if i know what's being played...

turns out that it was my nose whistling.

got called into work yesterday on my day off, i was irritated by this, though they came and got me, fed me taco bell for lunch (my favoritest fast food), and drove me home. and granted, it also helped me to break 30 hours for the week, instead of the 26 i had had, due to leaving early when i discovered there had been 'complications' for my mom's thingie, and then late the next day because i had gone to visit and she had been fuh-reaking out emotionally. i got the call about a half hour before i was to leave that now my step father is in the hospital in missouri, due to too much acid in his pancreas or something. i don't know why i haven't called for details. and now it's too late to do so today before work. maybe i'm just sick of dealing? *shrug*

lots of work coming up for me in the near future, what with getting mom situated and and teaching her to eat better, with filing my bankruptcy, with dealing with other things. i just can't keep from submersing myself into everquest to escape, though.

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