Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

*$(*#@(#*@)(#)%&@#( post office, anyhoo.

i lost my keyring with my post office key, my apt. mail box key, and my laundry/pool key on it. (don't ask me why i didn't keep these on my regular key ring, i just didn't, mkay? so, mommy sent me a package and has been badgering me every day on the phone "didja get it? didja get it? huh? huh? huh?"... i haven't been able to check my mail in about 2 weeks.

so, i go to the post office yesterday, thinking "hrm. when i go to a key making place, it's $1 to make a new key. when i go to the apartment complex office, they charge me $1 for a new key." after over a half hour wait, i go up to the gentleman, smile shyly, and say "hi. i'm a dork. i lost my keys. can you help?" as i push my i.d. over to him to very carefully, and fold my hands, waiting for his response. He blinks at me. "have you taken one or two keys out already?" he asks. i shrug, stating i THINk only one, but who knows? After a brief search in the backroom, he comes back, and grumpily says "seems like you arleady have more than one out, Miss Keaton. we have two options here. you can either order a lock change for $10, or you can order new keys to be delivered for $10. the key delivery service takes 3 - 4 weeks, the lock change can be done by tomorrow morning." after lifting my jaw off of the counter, i state, grumpily back "well DUH, i'll take the lock change." i order it, some funky love stamps, and plod out towards the jeep. only as i'm pulling out of the parking lot, does it occur to me "oho. i could have picked up my mail. duh."

so, today, it's back to the netherworld also known as the post office waiting area. *heavy sigh*
Tags: family, post office

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