Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

ya had to be there, but...

hilarity ensues when both you and your roommate are brain dead from cold germs, croaking at each other across the room like two teenage luv toads.

i can't remember what she was saying to me, but i was looking up pizza Speh-shals online (so that i could kick off my two day in a row weekend on the RIGHT *cough* healthy foot... and not have to cook..), and i exclaimed loudly "wit dis one, you buy one pizza and you get a feetsa PEEEEEE!", for some reason, drawing out the word 'peeee' loudly and longly, because it was SUCH A GREAT DEAL!!!

okay, you don't get a feetsa peee, you get a free PIZZA. so that's the deal we went with.

a lady came through my line today, buying a package of one ink pen. i asked her if she would like a bag of those. silly prepositions. of.... for.... all the same. but both of us giggled spectacularly, cracking jokes about it until at the end, we erupted in outright gaffaws as she put in a bag o HERS (her purse.)

okay, fine, you had to be there.

twoooo daaaays off. and in a ROW. it's like i'm on vacation.

i really really and truly need to get some recent photos of me. i mean, really. in the meantime, i think i shall toss up my old sugar and spice thangie that nikkiegirl made for me oh so many moons ago.

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