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Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

i find it strangely odd (strangely odd... would that be an oxymoron? or a double negative? *snark*) that on saturday and even part of sunday, the vancouver and portland areas were buried under about an inch of solid ice. no snow at all, only ICE. my favoritest thing EVER that they showed on the television was a guy in a giant red parka walking down the street, losing his balance and grabbing desperately onto a pole to regain it.... only to slide in circles around the pole like a dancer, before falling on his bum. i wish i could make an icon out of it, it was so durned fantastic.

so anyway, sat/sun, buried under ice. today? 67 degrees. yes, that's right, dear readers, SIXTY-SEVEN DEGREES. the end of the world is at hand, when it's almost shorts weather in JANUARY in the pacific northwest. not that i wear shorts. i never wear shorts. it's a self conscious thing, really.

i have been feeling.. weird.. all day. and then i remember i'm sick. how could i forget? i certainly remember every time i talk. poor andrea is home sick, too, with tonsils the size of nebraska in fall. and that's a big thing.

weve noticed that Bacci tends to go through certain... moods.. at about the same time during the day, including:

*** wackadoo time, where she either needs to be played fetch with on the stairs constantly, or she will run as fast as her little white booted feet will carry her, from the upstairs bathroom, down the stairs, through the livingroom, hallway and dining room, to stare for a few moments out the back door, just to turn around and run back the way she came. she does this with her ears pinned completely back, as if Something Evil is behind her, or that she really needs to HURRYHURRYHURRY, because she's terrified of being late... some.. where... but wherever Somewhere is, it's obviously not in the same room that she's currently occupying, whichever room that is.
*** restless wandering time, where she roams the house endlessly, peering in things, batting random things around for only a couple of moments as if to test out whether or not it's what she really wants to do, before sighing and continuing on.
*** contemplative time, where she either has to sit in one of the windows (which we don't encourage since we're *cough* not really supposed to have a cat...), or in the blinds on the back door (sliding glass) and just lays there adn watches the world go by... or mayhaps daydreams as to what that bird would really taste like..
*** sneaky time, where she gets into just about EVERYTHING she's not supposed to, but doing it in such a way that she's being almost TOO quiet. i can't count the times that we've been sitting here and suddenly look at each other and say "where's the cat?" only to discover that she's upstairs, torturing and killing the hell out of yet another roll of toilet paper. sometimes, after such a kill, she'll bring it downstairs and leave it between our computer chairs, much like some cats leave birds or mice on the front porch. how in the WORLD she gets an entire gigantic roll of toilet paper downstairs without unravelling it is beyond me. we also find other random things, such as the plug to the upstairs bathtub, between our chairs. andrea also reminds me of one such time where we went upstairs to find her, to discover Bacci in a bathroom that was now COMPLETELY coated in fine pink glitter, from a glitter container she had knocked the life out of.
*** codependant time, where she needs TO BE NEAR US AND AROUND US AT ALL TIMES NO MATTER WHAT, preferably ON us. near our face. which makes typing difficult.

anyhoo, i'm back off to play more Chrono Cross. cuz i'm just that cool.
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