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my weekend, in cryptic terms..

the weekend, meaning thursday and friday, were filled with wonderful gloriousness, massive bonding times, and thrilling kinship. great memories will be had, and fantastic stories will be told for years to come.

and they all involve a fort made of blankets and chairs and the kitchen table, a lava lamp, and 8 friends.

alas, now it's time to return to reality.

the whole household is sick. i woke up feeling as if i was just groggy, and that coffee would certainly perk me up. afterall, i have TONS to accomplish today on my day off. GALLONS, even.

nope. my head aches from sinus pressure, i'm coughing and sneezing like mad, and i'm having difficulty breathing. whiiiich pretty much matches my roommates sounds of agony.

yesterday found me in the BESTEST mood EVAR, for the entire day, and SO incredibly full of energy and happiness. i really wish a lot of that had transferred over to today, so that i could get a world of good accomplished, instead of having to go to work.

oooh, my aching head.
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