Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

hair and superstitions

this comic displays pretty much my general outlook on life and how i view things. it's true.

i feel like i've run a electric sander across my upper lip. whenever i have a cold, it never ceases to amaze me just how quickly the human body can produce snot.

my hair seems to have suddenly gotten long enough that i actually have to brush it. this somewhat saddens me. some part of me got a silly joy out of being able to make a statement that i hadn't brushed my hair in SIX MONTHS. or however long. actually, i think around the first of march, it will have been a year since i hacked my hair off and went blonde. granted, i was blonde only two months. durned upkeeping. durned hair falling outting. i'm still a long ways from my long tresses, but it's at least to a point where i can feasibly grow it out without having to race in to get my mullet shorn off at least once a month. A-line bob, it is. dark auburn, it is. i really need new pictures.

what do i like about having short short hair, other than the fact i don't have to brush it? easy to style. i never did my hair when i had it long, i had two styles: up. down. that was it. i love how it feels when i run my hands through my really short hair, especially when it just dries after washing, and it still has a slight dampness to it. you don't have to worry about finding long hairs everywhere as much. you have SO much more flexibility when it comes to dying your hair. if you don't like it? you can change it. if you fry your hair? it'll all be grown out in a month, anyway.

something sweet_tiffany82 pointed out to me, was that her family had a superstition that whenever you would hiccup, it meant you were growing. i'll list a few my family had, and then i want you to list yours, as well:

- if your ears are ringing, someone is talking about you. right ear, it's something good. left ear, it's all nasty talk.
- palms itch? right hand, you'll get money, left hand, you're going to lose it.
- shudder? someone just walked over the future site of your grave.
- for good luck, you must always put your right shoe on first, right arm in your coat first, right sock on first, etc. if you do the left side, it will bring bad luck. (my family didn't do this, but i checked out a book on superstitions in the 8th grade that said this. i went to a skating rink during the time i had this checked out, and put my left skate on first. i said 'pah, it's just a superstition!' and got home... to discover my mother was in the hospital. i've religiously put on my right side stuff first ever since, although the two were most likely not related. call me silly.)

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