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workity work work work...

i spose that i have SOME news to share since i haven't been around ;) note one is that i may be getting a slight promotion at work... our dearest muriel may be quitting, and although she's been a permanent fixture for... 7 years? something like that... i definitely wish her the best... and i want her job ;) so i went in to talk to Supervisor Roxana, and said "soooooo, i hear muriel may be getting another job?" and she replied "heh. funny that you mention it, because Rick says he thinks he would really like you to take her place."


i don't know or really care - too much - if it provides more money. what is REALLY wonderful is that i would basically sit in the dungeon (receiving) and deal with defects and shipments, instead of customers. wah hoo! no more smelly people. well, at least none that aren't getting paid to be there in one form or anther.

went to work yesterday, feeling... almost pretty :) for two days i hath decked myself out in full make up, complete with tons of eyeliner and dark lipstick and pale foundation. i didn't expect people to be so... shocked! i had guys be nice to me at work that normally don't give me the time of day... so i rolled my eyes and giggled like a chit and let them do work for me ;) serves them right. if they don't want to be cool to me in the fresh wokened up face, it's the least they can do ;)

ended up in the back, unloading a truck.

now. i used to help unload trucks and throw freight all the time when i worked at michaels. it's WAY different at office max.

for one thing, art supplies weigh slightly different than oh...... DESKS. cases of paper. gigantic chairs-in-boxes.

for another thing, the semi backs up to the back door and sits on an incline. this incline makes things QUITE interesting when you stick a pallet jack under a pallet and raise up the 6 1/2 feet of cases of paper, bookcases, and other random 438920837 lb merchandise.

it basically results in aubrey slipping backwards at an alarming rate, a look of sheer terror on her face, and the gigantic pallet of schtuff rumbling after. i believe there was squeeling involved, too. not quite as terrifying when i got to take the little mini forklift thingie in there to get pallets off the top of other pallets, and having THAT roll backwards and threaten to run me over. for some reason, heavy machinery scares me WAY worse than a trillion tons of boxes.

all in all, it was interesting. the night FLEW by, and i didnt' have to deal with customers once. granted, igor and i had neither one of us unloaded a truck before, and it was much like a gigantic puzzle there for us to solve. especially since we didn't have half the equipment that we desperately needed to accomplish this. it finally resulted in the truck driver poking his head in and say that we were taking ENTIRELY too long, and can he pretty please help?!?

i also HURT today. i need a hot tub and a massage. STAT!

for some reason, too, yesterday seemed like thee day for everyone to pester me about marriage (mayhaps this led to my wedding dream?) and why haven't i been married, and certainly i've been engaged? and what about kids? everyone my age that they know has several! i grunted and said that i have a two month curse, and if i ever find a guy that doesn't get sick of me after two months and that i don't want to strangle after the same amount of time, we just may have a winner. as for children? highly allergic.
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