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valentines day consisted of work. i had totally forgotten that it even WAS vday, and was highly confused at why on earth my roommate and new fiancee were being all incredibly schmoopy together and having battles of making each other things in bed.

i went to work feeling extremely tired for some reason, and downhearted, although it was a massively purdiful day outside. i kept telling myself that it wasn't because i was sad and depressive because of valentines day, because, afterall, i never care any OTHER day of the year that i'm single, that i haven't even been on a date in YEARS. and i DID get a gift, even if it was gigantic chocolate lips to share with andrea, given from a gay man. i also got a free soda from jack in the box, but then, i often do, since i eat practically every meal during work there. (places that know me by name other than work and homelife: jack in the box, barnes and noble cafe, and the shell station.) i also had been doing the whole feeling sorry for myself thing when a guy came in and, as i was discussing digital cameras with him, he said that he had a crush on one of my coworkers and wanted more information on her. meh. so i didn't even have a secret admirer.

i've only had a boyfriend once over valentines day, and that was when i was 16, an entire 13 years ago. *eesh, i'm getting ancient*... i remember borrowing money from mom although she couldnt' really afford it, so i could go out and buy him a little stuffed animal, a rose in a vase, and some m&m's, which was his absolute favorite. he came over after work and i proudly handed him my carefully prepared surprise... and he looked at me sheepishly and said 'aw, i should have told you to not do anything for me, because i wasn't planning on doing anything for you...'

so yes, 13 years later, and i'm still enbittered.

thanks so much to my dearest eldylabor for the beautimous valentine and to my loveliest pertato for the calendar and letter. it DID cheer me up greatly, and i giggled heartily. i love yous.
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