Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

is your toe okay?

So, i'm taking my brother to the airport yesterday. due to the fact that i am only on my lunch break, i initially plan on dropping him at the curb. he sweet talks me into coming in to the ticket booth and helping him with his things. So, we giggle heinously about some nonsense in the elevator. i'm standing with a huge box in my arms next to the buttons, and my brother is to the left and a step behind me. the doors open. i go barrelling out through the doors, happily on my way.

or so i thought.

what REALLY happened, was that jess put his suitcase directly in my line of walking. i take a large step forward, my clunky right shoe catches on the suitcase, knocking it over. the momentum sends the box and i sprawling, landing on my knee and ankle at an odd angle. one second, i'm grinning like an idiot at faire, the next, i'm face down on the floor, propped up on both hands. all i can see is my arms on either side of the large box, which had landed on the toe of a perfectly white tennis shoe. i shyly follow the shoe up the legs to the face of the airport employee, who is looking at me as if i had just pulled my face of with a monkey wrench. i look at her worried, and say "did i hurt your toe?" she said something that sounded like disbelief. "is your toe okay?" she recovers. "Is my TOE okay? are YOU okay?!??" i realize then, that i'm still in the same angle that i had fallen, laying funkily on my leg and ankle. i gingerly untangle myself, worried that i had severely sprained my ankle. ankle fine? check. knee fine? i believe so. i clambor up and out of the way, the lady edged around me like i was a leper, and jess and i went on our way.

jessie giggled like a prom queen the entire way.

.....to be continued....
Tags: injury

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