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so jess drug me out last night with himself, daniel, and lauri. i went hesitatingly, SO not feeling like changing out of my grubby scrubs and trolloping down to downtown portland. but i went.

and feel like i have liver damage today. whooo wee. i just can't drink like i used to. great fun was had. i got to see nervous strippers, critique porn, and meet random gay boys. apparantly i exude straightness like a beacon, from some of the comments i received. after my, oh.... third rum and diet, i didn't give a hoot. i remember taking a moment out of pulling my swaying brother away from strangers to discuss makeup with drag queens. i remember daniel and i pushing jessie and lauri top speed from one bar to another blocks away in a shopping cart. i remember discussing the whole "sweet pea-ness" story to lauri.

work is going good, i suppose, it seems the head cheese is keeping me in the loop of more and more things and giving me more responsibilities.

i'm sleepy. and weak with hangoverness so that i feel like a newborn kitten. or maybe more like a newborn horse, with my legs all wobbly under me.

i really should drink some water.

do you get off casting hexes
assuming forms of either sexes...
Tags: brother, drinking, gay bars, portland, social

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