Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

i didn't know one could have bad days when alone on their days off...

i get woken up this morning by vacuuming in the bathroom next to my bedroom. i try to ignore it and go back to sleep, but each time i'm ALMOST asleep, a door slams and wakes me back up. i finally decide just to get up, because most likely there will be coffee downstairs for me, and coffee always makes things better!

so i come downstairs and get my caffeine on. i decide to play some EverQuest and am dinking around on my lvl 52 beastlass. brosely joins me with his mage. i know the ship in dulaks we're on won't be good enough experience, so i check zone... no one else in it. so we head to the next ship for better exp. one kill into it, someone shows up and accuses us of taking their camp. fine. we'll try the NEXT ship. immediately we get a horrible train (eq lingo), jess's mage dies, i barely make it to zone. i camp to my cleric and after my computer finally lets me in, i discover he took care of things on his end. cool, i don't have to run her out there then. i camp back to my beastlass and zone into dulaks.... and immediately die from someone's train. after getting what i perceived in my grumpy mind as attitude from fellow guildies, i decide to just log the hell out, i'm not having fun, anyway.

okay, fine. i'm getting more and more grumpy as time goes by, and i feel like 'killing' something, so i figure i'll finally finish FFx-2. can't find the freaking disc anywhere. ANYWHERE. fine. i'll play xenosaga. that disc, too, is gone. GRAH. i'm so not in the mood for any ps1 games.

i wonder if i'm pmsing earlier than usual, because EVERYTHING freaking irritates the HELL out of me today. 80's music. 70's music. people talking to me. people ignoring me. the cat hates me today. i'm a horrible cook. i'm tired but too caffeinated to sleep. i'm bored but too sleepy to do anything constructive. i would go outside and do something, but there's WEATHER out there. it's too sunshiney, dagnabbit! besides, jess won't go with me.

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