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vh1 classic and steve vs. joe: the real story

i woke up with THEE worst headache EVAR. i think it even incorporated itself into my dream, it's so awful. the first time in a long time, if not ever, that i've considered calling in sick for a headache. sooooooo much i have to get accomplished for our Loss Prevention Review tomorrow. i'm surprised that they actually gave me two days off in a row right before it. granted, i AM working like a 10 hour shift or more on friday (somewhat unheard of at omx)... they need to cut 100 payroll hours by the end of the week, maybe i can sacrifice my saturday midshift? *girlish heinous giggle*

i love vh1 classic. i do, i really do. blondie "heart of glass" is currently on, which isn't TOO high on the cheese factor, although debbie harry looks quite bored. before this, though? "word up" by cameo. hee hee. cops.. okay, get this, cops go to arrest him, but break out in dance as cameo rushes out to sing and unite the crowd, and ends up sneakily handcuffing the officer to a random lady in the crowd before dancing off into the sunset. well, maybe not sunset, but an industrial yard with bright lights, perhaps? yesterday, they played lou grahm "lost in the shadows" from lost boys. hooweee, did that bring some memories back! of the summer i OFFICIALLY discovered boys. i will always connect that fact and point in my life with two movies: lost boys and goonies. i was going to grow up and marry sean astin, dagnabbit! my DREEEEEEEEEEAMS, where have they GOOOOOOOONE?? meh, i'm sure i would be taller than him anyhow ;) though it WOULD be fun to be able to say you married a hobbit. hrm.

random ramblings. i dunno. i just feel worthless lately. like my life has simmered down to crap, and i'm actually CONTENT to stay there, to not bother to further myself any further. why go through the effort when status quo doesn't hurt? i need to do SOMEthing, even if it is just starting by cleaning my crappy corner by my desk where i toss EVERYTHING. *looks at the pile of clutter.... and shudders*

one thing i do NOT like about this channel, though, is that they play videos by songs that have long ago lost their shineyness and wonderfulness due to my years of going to karaoke and being tortured by drunken renditions of them... case in point "killing me softly", on right now. aww, it's over now, followed by a duo of stevie nicks and lindsey buckingham playing 'landslide', filmed fairly recently. this will always remind me of the joy of practicing with The Vacant Stairs. curse the dixie chicks, anyhow. *shakes fist in general easterly position*

maybe i have food hangover. we ran out last night and bought 3 kinds of ice cream and 2 kinds of doritos and gourged ourselves silly while watching t.v., starting with a HORRID movie that i knew was going to be painful, but that they insisted on watching "my boss's daughter" *shudder*... i taught my brother how to knit during some vh1 classic watching while waiting for adult swim to come on (amazingly, guns n roses "patience" is a perfect knitting background song. who knew?) i showed him what i found on a random tape of mine, the episode of blues clues where steve leaves for college and his brother "joe" takes over (i guess "donovan" was too hard for the kids to remember?), and we almost cried. it was greatly sad. reinforced the fact that you would laugh with steve because you always felt he was somewhat sarcastic and had a secret joke for the parents, but that joe... well joe seems somewhat like a big kid you just want to have sex with.

i'll leave you with the fact that paula abdul's "straight up" just came on, complete with arsenio hall. rawk.

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