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Because i miss Jale greatly...

seared by that hidden fire that adultery kept feeding
consumed with longing
feverish with desire
it's now
she said now

opened up the widow inhaled the cold air
let the heavy mass of her hair stream down
to the wind
and as she gazed at the stars she wished she were loved
loved by a prince
time has come she can't go on
it's now or it's the death of her
too much for one lifetime
but not enough for now

she was dead i saw her face
her eyes, they glowed in a guilded cage
too much for one lifetime
her lust for love
was a crime


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Feb. 28th, 2005 12:51 pm (UTC)
that last stanza is perfect... very emotive.

Who is Jale, if I may ask?
Feb. 28th, 2005 06:49 pm (UTC)
I THINK THE EASIEST way to describe them (besides turning my capslock off *ahem*) is to say that they're sort of like a Canadian version of the Bangles. they're a lot harder.. well, not always a lot harder than the Bangles, but they're catchy sort of like them. not to say that if you hate the bangles that you'll hate Jale, but yanno.

i found them when i had first fallen in love with Sloan, another canadian band (they're freeping HUGE up there and virtually unknown here...), who have their own record label, called murderecords. i was checking out the different bands on there, and Jale had their EP released via them. they're one of the very few bands that i bought their cd unheard and fell in love. (one of their members also did harmonizing on a few Sloan songs, which had also piqued my interest before buying..)

here is about the only website left of them, since they broke up eeeons ago (has two links to mp3's, too, though they're usually the songs i skip over, hee hee)

i go in kicks every once in awhile where i must absorb everything that is Jale. that time is now. ;)
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