Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

ooooooooooooone more post before i rush off to work. *blech*

my favorite quote of the day, where andrea and i were discussing her getting into my computer to purloin my mp3's...

"you see, aubrey, i get to MOUNT you on top of my desktop...."

hilarity ensued.

i hope today is as good at work as yesterday. as i told andrea when i got home, i had what i've conned as a "Very Successful Chandler Day", meaning everything i said was freaking GOLDEN. i had people rolling in the aisles. coworkers would look at me askew as practically every person that left my line left gaffawing. i dazzled people with my ascerbic wit. as a coworker would be talking to a customer about something Very Serious, i would walk behind the customer, dancing like an idiot to Muzak, causing them to nod their head to the customer even more seriously as they tried not to laugh.

i would say that i wished that i had more days like that, but i think after awhile, people would like very much to strangle me and hide the body in the compactor in receiving. "anyone seen aubs?" "aubs? no, she left for lunch, but i haven't seen her since!" *coworkers look at each other behind the boss's back and wink and thumbs up each other*

crap. i should have left 10 min ago, but here i am, still sitting here with INSANE morning hair (i could very well be a distant cousin of Medusa.), no socks, no eyeliner, no sunscreen.


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