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mmmm. homemade eggrolls RAWK. thanks, faetal!!!

i guess that today, upon reflection, was a good day! well, minus the jerk that screamed at me at work, saying i, personally, treated him like a crook every time he came in, and how i need to tell him who processes our credit cards NOW, because our system won't read his stupid overwashed bank card. *shakes fist in rage*

i was woken up by a knock on my bedroom door by andrea. apparantly, my beloved Pattie was coming over and had a gift for me. she had apparantly just returned from arizona, and had brought me a little cactus in a box. *squeeeees with glee* now, anyone that knows me knows that i cannot keep anything alive for more than a week. we'll see how well i do with something that only needs nourishment once a week. we sat around and compared arizona notes. *wistful sigh*

thanks to alariya, i feel the almost overwhelming need to go deep into the forest and just Be.

it's my friday. woooo. hooray for 3 day weekends.

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