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instant messaging pet peeves... bear with me here...

i rarely im any more because of how irritated i get. the idgits have taken all the joy out of doing something that would be a fantastic way to talk to those people i actually log on to find. yahoo isnt' too bad, because i can go invis, but egads, aim...

(and yes, i'm aware of trillian, but it keeps crashing on my system...)

i don't understand how people, for one, can im you and assume INSTANTLY that you simply must have dropped *every*single*other*thing* you may have been doing prior to their contacting you, and thusly you simply must be talking to them *at*all*times*, and if you lag in your conversation, they barriage you with "hello?"'s and "you there?" and and and... egads, and even the biggest affront, they BUZZ you.

what the...?!!? i'm sorry that i have the attention span of a drunken flea on crack. i get distracted by shiny objects. the television is quite shiny, for one. i may be doing other things, such as actually reading my friends list for once... do not be demanding of me, please. this will only make me avoid you like i avoid shoulder pads.

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