Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

i feel quite loved.

i've been feeling so down about my upcoming non twenties-ness. i came back from lunch at work on wednesday to find a GIGANTIC beautiful birthday cake and a GINORMOUS bundle of balloons in the break room.

awww :)

yesterday, st. patties day, found andrea, gwyn, andrea's mom, and i at the Hazel Dell Brew Pub, where Marlane and i proceeded to get RIPPED. egads. i sobered up just in time to go out with jess to Spurs to hang out and drink entirely too much green beer. the party moved to jess's apartment, which, per usual, found myself and jess and a small group of people away from the mondo crowd, curled around his computer, singing random songs that only we know, i.e. excentrics, sloan, nickel creek. i remember how ANGRY jess and i got when someone was VERY verbal about how much they hate better than ezra, when all they had ever heard was "good".

them's fightin words.

stumbled home at almost 5 am.. slept until 9. crap. i drank SO much i can't sleep. grrrrr.

so now i'm lethargic and one step above drooling after having no sleep and going to my dearest Marlane's house for my honorary birthday dinner. mmmm.

tomorrow? chy-kneez and then karaoke.


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