Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

i'm a shell of empty thoughts....

i come home from work and am all sorts of confused....

... the door is unlocked, and the house is dark....

... no one answers my "hullOOOO?"...

maybe they went to the store. they had said something about a sangria party at tefen's, but i thought they were going later, and that i had an invite. i can't forsee them doing anything for very long and actually leaving the door unlocked, especially since our wacky neighbors seem to have the uncanny desire to just walk in unannounced to our livingrooms... to look at us in horror as they've realized they have The Wrong Place.

... there's food on the stove in a pan...

is it leftovers for me?

i always have a tremulous fear of accidentally eating or doing something horrid.

not that they would kick me out of the house for eating leftover pasta.

so am i by myself for the evening? is anyone coming home? should i order pizza?

i'm so confused.

and i've just realized that i haven't peed once since LONG before i left for work today.

even after drinking two sodas and a big gulp.

could my uterus be preparing itself to pounce on me to eat me alive?


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