Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo


i'm sorry, but it amuses me that this season's Bachelor is none other than Colin Mallory. makes me *almost* want to watch it.

what made me laugh even harder, was that i recognized him on sight.

hrm. maybe that's why the scifi channel had yet another Sliders-athon today, and they were all from the second to the last season, that had Colin in them.

i feel like i haven't accomplished a farking thing today, although i've:

cleaned my room
did dishes
cleaned the kitchen
somewhat picked up the livingroom
did some borders for mom's scrapbooking stuff
ripped a ton of cds to my computer (finally)
played EverQuest
rearranged my room (somewhat)
worked out
started laundry
rearranged my cds

and some other things i can't think of at the moment (one of the accomplishments being "drank a whaler's and coke with andrea" and all...)

more days off need to be like this. alas, it's inventory week, which means the next five days are GUARANTEED to be filled with bubblegum chewy malicious HELL.

i so need to bathe.

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