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Give up, you're not going anywhere...

as i posted to a response to one of my dear con_science's posts:

i remember the precise moment that i realized that i could die at any moment, doing just about anything.

that was when i was a teenager and was mid-ass wiping when an earthquake hit.

i remember because it was a quick potty break during a commercial of Headbanger's Ball, it was.


all of you that now work in retail, or have ever worked in retail? i know that you will understand and gasp in horror.

this week? inventory week.

*bows her head and raaaaaises up her hands to accept all of your prayers and condolences*

yesh. the officemax i work in has approximately 130,000 items, and we get to touch, read, organize, label, scruitinize, fondle, and/or/possibly/maybe eat every single piece of those. i'm sure that i'll get a large hunkachunka that, as my hours this week have DRASTICALLY increased over those i've been getting over the last month.

i can hardly contain myself.


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