Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

don't need a sign to tell me what you're headed for...


apparantly, i get to coordinate....things. like wag my finger at the higher ups and make certain they get fives somewhere because we'll be out (ooh, and note to self: CHANGE ORDER!), preorder pizza for all shifts, blah di blah.

hrm. maybe i SHOULD ask for a raise.

i tried reading my friends list, i really did. but i can't tell reality from dream, so mayhaps i'll begin rereading it tomorrow. mitch still dead? that's the only thing i HAD hoped had been an april fool's joke, but cheez, would that have been probably THEE worst publicity stunt or whatnot. wait, didn't steve burns (blue's clues) supposedly die once?

i can't remember. my contacts are too dry.

and why on earth do people feel the freaking need to go into places like where i work (officemax for you beloved newbs), and try to HAGGLE the price of the merchandise? this isn't freaking saturday market! the next time someone says "so. you have this chair for $129. how bout you throw in a 20% off coupon in the deal to lower the price?", i should nod solemnly and say "no good. how bout 10% and you throw in the 4 year old? we're short on labor for sewing the leather on the things. a bit thin, but it looks like she has muscle."

and 2ce in as many days, the parents have been RIGHT NEXT TO THEIR kid in the aisle, letting them climb all over the ladders, and then they get angry when we tell their kids to get the hell down. reminds me of when i worked at wal*mart all those years ago and the parent let their kid go SAILING up and down all the aisles, running full speed, and when he ran straight into a pole, breaking his head open, the FIRST word out of the mother's mouth was "OH MY GAW! I'M SO SUING YOU! I'M TAKING WAL*MART TO COURT!" um, yes. i lured him away from you at the speed of light AND planted the pole there. in fact, the pole usually ISN'T there, i kicked it out in his direct path as he careened around the corner. she didn't even ask 'are you okay?' or any such thing, although he was sobbing and there was a CONSIDERABLE amount of blood everywhere.

so. speaking of loverly parents, last year (i'm too sleepy to find it to link) during inventory, a 10 year old kid dropped his drawers and walked a trail through our furniture area, dripping liquid dookie in a trail between the desks. i wonder what tomorrow will bring?


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