Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

using The Icon because i found it.. tee... heee... heeeeeee....

so i rolled over in my sleep this morning...

and instantly cried out in massive pain as a SEVERELY hurt nerve, SOMETHING, left me lying wide-eyed on my bed, breathless. i.. couldn't move. i tried to sit up, but not even halfway up, my neck spasmed and i flopped back onto my mattress gasping like a landed fish. i tried to cradle my head as i tried to roll over onto my back, and after many tries, finally succeeded. i daydreamed about going downstairs and grabbing some leftover valium, and crawling back into bed. i came close to tears as i realized that i couldn't move, i couldn't move my head, i couldn't even scootch around on my bed without almost crying from the severe pain. what can i do? do i call out to andrea for help? what kind of help could she possibly give me?!? should i lie in bed until she realized that i should SO be up by now and come looking for me?


after at least an hour of grunting and virtually sobbing, i was finally able to get up. i managed to dress myself (sleeping in a t shirt and undies, i managed to pick up my pajama bottoms using my toes, as i couldn't bend over...) and came downstairs. lots of valium and hot rice bags later, i still hurt like a biatch, but at least i can turn my head.

i so don't want to miss work tomorrow. for some reason, i can so call in 'throwing up', but i feel as if they won't believe me or will ask too many questions if i call in 'because i hurt'. i must wake up early tomorrow to see if i feel better and can handle a half hour walk to work and 8 hours on my feet, or if i should sit here in my valium induced mind numbing-ness again.

watched weird movies today, like Con Air (i wasn't going to watch, but it's a john cusack movie i haven't seen yet!) and Personal Velocity with Parker Posey and Fairuza Baulk (sic?) in it. i haven't seen mah ol girl Fairuza in awhile, wanted to make sure mah girl was doin good.

or something.

i know i watched other things, too. maybe part of city of angels? i remember sitting there in my drug induced haze and thinking that all the channels were working together... there was something with someone and meg ryan on one channel, one channel away from that was city of angels, and one from that was con air.... i was greatly disappointed to see that mr cusack wasn't in another random movie one channel away. then my suspicions would have been confirmed.

i hear i so need to see Say Anything?...


in watching Robot Chicken and seeing the skit "Pimp My Sister", i so can't help myself but to think that brosely would somehow want to do that to me ;)

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