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it's safe falling in the glass...

i love it when you sneeze repeatedly, eventually building up to a ginormous sneeze which launches a gigantic chunk of nasal afterbirth through your mouth to sit on your keyboard and taunt you.

mmmm, tasty.

home again in excrutiating pain. i have tomorrow off of work naturally, so hopefully between the two days, i'll be feeling at least good enough to go to work... maybe i'll go to a chiropractor after i get paid on friday. egads, i need to do SOMEthing.

it's times like these i wish i had a real good live in boyfriend, an industrial model of a boyfriend, that would pamper me through my hurts and massage the hell out of my neck, back, and shoulder.

*le sigh*

funny how i pretty much only crave commitment whenever i'm sick or hurting.

when i called in sick to work today, i spoke to Store Manager Rick again:

aubrey: hey rick. this is aubrey with her torn shoulder.
rick: heh heh, so you're staying out of work then again?
aubrey: something like that.
rick: are you going to come back and throw some baseballs around? or play basketball?
aubrey: *sleepy giggles* well, i WAS planning on single handedly rearranging all the furniture and putting all the biggest desks on the top shelf with only my left hand!
rick: hee hee, that will work, too!

usually rick is... well, he shows about as much emotion as, say... Spock, or Teal'c, or or.. *insert any other emotionless icon here* i felt horrid having to call in yet again, although in all fairness, it was VERY early... but he made me feel better.

i love it that he adores me as a worker :)


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