Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

that's right, i'm a WRITER, yo!

CHECK THIS ACTION OUT!!! (clicky and scroll down...)

yes, yours truly is now the music journalist for an up and coming gay and lesbian magazine! woot!

my first article is due the 17th...

what to write... what to write...

funny that just this morning, i had been thinking about my old fanzine, The Unknown that i concocted back when i was a teen, that focused on unsigned and underground bands. unforutnately, i only came out with two issues of it, and the majority of the bands i did articles on are probably now unknown literally (the excentrics, mendenhall, blackboard jungle, moodcrush, pete the iguana, noise, jumpa, etc...). i hadn't thought about the fanzine in forever, so odd that he calls me today to offer me the postion.

egads, i'm so nervous, and i have no idea what to write. he pretty much gave me writing freedom, i can do cd reviews, concert reviews, interviews, random articles, etc... he said he would do what he could to get me a press pass asap so that it would help me get to some places that i need to go to....

any thoughts or suggestions?

figured that for the june issue, i could write about the sloan and/or ezra concerts, but what about this month? i have TEN DAYS!!!

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